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Museums in Chrastava

Museum of historic fire-fighting techniques

Museum of historic fire-fighting techniquesThe unique museum of historic fire-fighting techniques was established in 1997 thanks to the combined efforts of the Volunteer Fire Company and representatives of Chrastava. Nowadays it is the second largest museum of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The permanent exhibition is continuously evolving and currently represents about 60 large exhibits, predominantly horse-span manual and motor fire pumps.

The museum collection offers many smaller exhibits directly connected with the history and development of fire-fighting techniques, e.g. fire-fighters‘ uniforms, fire-hats, firemen´s axes, and decorations and diplomas.

Real rarities include the fire-gun which sounded the fire alarm, and the oldest fire-pump of the collection, which originates from 1778.

During Chrastava’s June festivities members of the Volunteer Fire Company re-enact the old techniques, which are as functional now as they were in the old days.

Town museum

On the corner of the square near the town hall is the Town museum. It is an original baroque building with a secession front wall. In this building you can find not only the museum but also the town information centre, library and the ceremonial hall of municipal office. The museum has been operational since 1996 thanks to help from the Society of Friends of Chrastava History and the municipal office, and its exhibition represents old and modern town history. Part of the museum is the Minigallery, where exhibitions are held monthly ( displays have included, for example, artistic photography, ceramics, lace, and China-art).

The Führich-House

The Führich-HouseThe Führich-House, the native house of eminent painter Josef Führich, dates back to 1802. Nowadays it is a wooden-frame house and a registered national landmark. In this building the town museum branch was established, on the ground floor of which is an exhibition of period-style furniture and miscellany. The first floor houses a small museum of Josef Führich´s life and work. You can also see originals of coloured lithographs by Chrastava painter Willi Sitte and copies of works by Gustav Kratzmann and Wilhelm Kandler.

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