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ChrastavaChrastava is an industrial town with 6000 inhabitans situated in the valley of the Jeřice and Nisa Rivers about 10 km north-west of the regional capital Liberec. The town has an altitude of between 270–350 metres and is surrounded by hills and mountains in almost every direction. From west to south is the Ještěd ridge, to the northeast you will find the Jizera mountains, while the Lusatian mountains begin to the town’s north-west. The northern border of the town forms the state boundary with Poland.

St. Lawrence Church

St. Lawrence ChurchThe most notable focal point is the St. Lawrence Church, an expressive picturesque Gothic Revival building located on the low townhill. A wooden church is believed to have been sited here in the 14th century, often undergoing reconstruction until by the end of 16th century a monumental stone tower was annexed, which exists up to the present day. Between 1866 and 1868 the church was rebuilt along modern lines. Within the church you can see, in addition to an original organ, a few altarpieces from some natives of Chrastava, namely J. Führich, W.Kandler and G. Kratzmann. Beside the church is the clergyman´s house, built in baroque style, dating from 1739.

Town square

The town square has existed in Chrastava for centuries. Between 1565 and 1765 it hosted public executions. Even in the first half of the 19th century the majority of houses on the town square were constructed of wooden-frame, but after many destructive fires only stone-walled houses were built. On the square you can find a few houses with an Imperial front, e.g. the municipal town hall. The town hall has been remodified several times and the present exterior dates from the mid-19th century, the last reconstruction being completed in May 2005.

In the centre of the square the baroque sandstone fountain, dating from 1707, is situated, and nearby is the most historical and valuable monument in Chrastava - the baroque Marian sculptural group‘s so-called plague pillar of 1732. Experts are of the opinion that the sculptural group consisted of sculptors from the workshop of Matthew Braun.

Town museum

On the corner of the square near the town hall is the Town museum. It is an original baroque building with a secession front wall. In this building you can find not only the museum but also the town information centre, library and the ceremonial hall of municipal office. The town museum has been in operation since 1996 thanks to help from the Society of Friends of Chrastava History and the municipal office, and its exhibition represents old and modern town history. Part of the museum is the Minigallery where exhibitions are held monthly ( displays have included, for example, artistic photography, ceramics, lace, and China-art).

The Führich-House, the native house of eminent painter Josef Führich, dates back to 1802. Nowadays it is a wooden-frame house and a registered national landmark. In this building the town museum branch was established, on the ground floor of which is an exhibition of period-style furniture and miscellany. The first floor houses a small museum of Josef Führich´s life and work. You can also see originals of coloured lithographs by Chrastava painter Willi Sitte and copies of works by Gustav Kratzmann and Wilhelm Kandler.

Other Architecture and Monuments

Other Architecture and Monuments

The metal secession bridge over the Jeřice River is among state registered monuments.

The secession building in Turpiš street was completed in 1904. Previously it was a private villa (the so-called Kafka villa) before it underwent reconstruction several years ago; today it is the site of the Czech Savings Bank. Another beautiful building also completed in secession style is today the setting of the Social club.

The previously built-up area in Pobřezní and Nádražní streets is a period monument when the majority of houses were built in wood-frame style. You can often see both styles of wood architecture – half-timbering and casing, and some of these cottages are listed as state registered monuments.

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